Gencor - À Propos

Building for Generations


The Gencor team combines experience and expertise in construction with a dedication to quality housing.

Our company’s founders have worked in development and construction for 20 years and have contributed to the realization of over 100 projects. Our experience and reputation in the world of construction have been indispensable in our transition to housing development.
While demand rapidly grows in the housing market, Gencor offers the highest quality living spaces adapted to different needs.

Equally important to Gencor are the values that guide our work. Each member strives to bring his or her personal best to each project while working cohesively with the team.
At Gencor, financial planning, technical expertise, design, and service operate together to deliver homes that meet the highest expectations.

(1/5) The company

With exceptional expertise in the field of construction, Gencor is able to construct buildings that are perfectly integrated into their environments and offer the highest quality of life to their occupants.

Number of projects realized 100 +
Years of experience 20
(2/5) Development

At Gencor, follow-up and service after sale is constantly expanding. We remain available to respond to your needs so that you can feel at home.

(3/5) Sales

Apart from the designers at the core of our team, Gencor collaborates with talented architects capable of bringing together function and aesthetics.

(4/5) Design

Gencor is proud to collaborate with the most experienced and talented body of skilled workers, architects, and engineers.
Whatever the project, we have at our disposal the expertise needed to see it accomplished.

(5/5) Partnership